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The comprehensive and challenging curriculum is designed to inspire future dancers of all types, whether aspiring a professional career or those who simply desire the benefits of quality dance training. There are three  spacious, fully equipped studios including state-of-the-art dance flooring. This facility allows the school to limit class size and
offer a varied and expanded curriculum of both classical and contemporary dance styles.


A performance bun needs to be secure, sleek and clean. There should be no "fly away" or "wispy" hairs around the dancers face or from the bun.  Click on Button

There a various ways a dancer prepares her shoes. The more you dance the more personal a pointe shoe becomes. From sewing ribbons to breaking them in.   Of course we will teach your child how to do this on her own.  However, if your are clueless .... this will certainly help!

The tuition is based upon on the annual and divided into nine equal payments, two semester payments for your budgetary convenience.  A discount is given to those making full annual payments and the registration

fee is waived. 

Checks will not longer be accepted. 

We accept Bank drafts, all Major Credit Cards and Venmo .

All tuition is nonrefundable once the student has enrolled .  If the student withdraws before the end of the semester, the fee of $35 will be charged until the end of the semester.

Please email Patricia Cantwell,

or call her at 843-469-2080.

If you have any questions or concerns

Registration fee if paying full tuition is waived

Good news: Your foot strength and flexibility can improve with careful training. All photos by Jayme Thornton, Modeled by Corinne Chowansky of Marymount Manhattan College.

Maybe you weren't born with gorgeous, over-arched feet, but that doesn't mean you're completely stuck with what you've got. "Strength and flexibility can improve with training, but that's within the limits of your individual anatomy," says Dr. Nancy Kadel, a Seattle-based orthopedic surgeon who specializes in dancers' foot and ankle issues. Building a balance of both will help you achieve more supple feet that can support ballet's demands. Kadel recommends the following:

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Photos by Rebecca Roo Turisk, William Long, Bob Matthews , Scott Nillson, Doug Smoak and Lisa Webb.